School Phobia Resources

Welcome to our Resources page! 

Here, we provide a range of resources for educators and community members to support mental wellness and help students experiencing school phobia. As part of our commitment to youth mental health, we offer a variety of resources to support educators and parents in their efforts to help young people achieve their potential.

School Phobia and Exclusion survey project website

If you're interested in learning more about school phobia and chronic absenteeism, please visit our website at This site includes YMHC's second national survey on School Phobia and Chronic Absenteeism, over 400 stories from families with children who have school phobia, and school phobia survey results from 519 families across Canada.

School Phobia Guidebook for Families and Schools

This guidebook, written by Sheryl Boswell, an experienced educator, and mental health expert, offers a range of strategies to support students experiencing school phobia. 

Available in both ebooks and printed copies, schools may purchase unlimited photocopiable licenses. 

The guidebook includes an understanding of school phobia, support strategies, a mental wellness action plan, trauma-informed approaches, and possible educational accommodations.

YMHC Education website

Our Education website includes a variety of resources to support mental wellness, such as Sources of Strength for Mental Wellness, Beneath the Surface, Mental Wellness Workbook, and In This Together: My Life During a Global Pandemic. Supporting Students with School Phobia: A Guidebook for Families and Schools is also available in paperback.

YMHC School Phobia Workshops

Emotional and mental health issues can be significant barriers to school attendance. In this workshop, we explore strategies that school staff and families can implement to support students experiencing school-induced anxiety. The workshop provides a safe place to share stories and challenges and offers evidence-based school-wide interventions and strategies to support young people experiencing school phobia. The workshop is for family members who would like to better support their children with school phobia, avoidance, and absence. The learning outcomes include family experience of school phobia, avoidance, and absence, evidence-based school-wide interventions and strategies to support young people experiencing school phobia, and access to a range of immediately practical and usable resources to support young people.